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Regular vacuuming helps to maintain the outward appearance of your carpets. But grit, dirt, stains and smells are still held deep in the pile of the carpet beyond the reach of even the most effective domestic vacuum cleaners.

Pets, children, food & drink  spills together with general foot traffic help to compound the fabrics creating greater wear and friction at the base of the pile.

The solution is to periodically deep clean using a professional carpet cleaning company such as As New Cleaning. We use safe and effective cleaning methods and one of the most powerful portable cleaning machines available ensuring excellent results and best drying times.

We have to different cleaning systems at our disposal, generally we use our hot water extraction machinebut also have a bonnet buffing machine if faster drying times are essential. We can advise you as to the most appropriate system to your needs.

Guaranteed not to soak, stretch or shrink your carpers

We use top quality detergent free micro splitters, the eco friendly, safe effective carpet cleaning solution

We have been established for many years and are not a here today gone tomorrow company who promise to clean your house for peanuts & then leave you with damaged carpets and only a mobile phone number as a contact.

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