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Question: Once I’ve had my carpet or suite cleaned, will it get dirtier quicker?

Answer: This was true many years ago when carpets where often cleaned using shampoo. However the chemicals we use no longer cause this side effect.

Question: Are you able to clean the UPVC on my conservatory as a part of your service?

Answer: Yes, As New Cleaning offer a full cleaning service, cleaning your PVC and conservatory guttering and wiping down window sills, included at no extra charge.

Question: What makes you different?

Answer: We use only professional cleaning products, pure water via a water fed pole system, and provide a full cleaning service, including UPVC and conservatory guttering cleaning.

Question: How much do you charge?

Answer: It depends upon whether your asking commercially or privately and the size of the job. We do offer discounts for regular cleaning accounts and larger orders.

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